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by Olga SE

Oxana was sitting in her mother’s freshly redecorated bright coloured kitchen sipping coffee. She was waiting for her mother to say goodbye to her guests and join her. Despite the fact that Oxana was 23, had just got married and moved into a new flat bought by her mother, she couldn’t stop comparing herself with the woman she called Mum and envying her.

That slim, young-looking, well-groomed, extremely energetic and communicative lady seemed to have achieved everything one could only dream of: she had a comfortably furnished flat with spacious rooms, a luxurious car, a lot of friends and clients who invariably turned into her friends… She certainly knew how to make the most of what she possessed both in looks and in dealing with people. Her mother was one of the most respected and highly-paid psychotherapists in the city. Success and chic seemed to have become her constant companions. But it had not always been like that. Oxana was one of those few who could remember other times…  Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on March 28, 2011 in Short Stories


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