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Doc McStuffins

My daughter writes about one of her favourite cartoons. Or, to be more exact, she dictates and I type. Read more

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I’m Back!

Hello, my dear English-speaking readers!

Hope you haven’t forgotten me despite my long silence. I’m really very sorry if you have.


My absence let me analyze the situation and brought about some changes. I realized I’m not coping with three blogs. At the same time I realized how dearly I love all of them. So I decided to move all the contents of this blog HERE>>>.

That is the site I continue to contribute to. And not only me – some of my Russian colleagues and acquaintances interested in teaching English to their children are also contributing to the site.

I would really appreciate your comments there. I hope the registration procedure you would have to undergo in order to take part in our discussions will not frighten you away.


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Time for change

My dear readers! I feel obliged to explain my long absence. The thing is that in September I started a new site in Russian devoted to English language learners. Here it is: “Клуб любителей английского языка”. So these two months I’ve been having quite a hectic time. But I have been missing you!

And I’m going to return. Now time has come for me to rearrange this blog. I’m working on it now, which keeps me far too busy to publish any new posts, though I have lots of new ideas which I’m eager to share with you. The blog is going to have a new face and a new domain name. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

See you soon.

Love, Olga


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Liebster Award

I’m proud and happy that it is the second time my blog has been awarded! This time I received a Liebster Award from the hands of my fellow blogger Ariana at Pearl’s Twirl. I can’t say what I love more about her blog: “her American world” or “the hint of her Russian personality”. I just love Ariana’s blog: the topics she picks for her blog posts, the slightly ironical way she uses to write about everything, her love for life and enthusiasm about anything she does. Recently I had a pleasure to interview Ariana for my Russian site about her relationship with the English language.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Versatile Blogger Award

by Olga SE

I have good news and I’m happy to share it with you: my blog has been awarded by Monica Welch at Word Nymph. I enjoy Monica’s blog and read it whenever I have some time to spare. So it rejoiced me to discover that Monica considers my blog deserving the award. Thank you very much, Monica!

I can’t remember receiving any awards before, though it may be that I’m not thinking hard enough. But it is definitely the first blogging award I have ever received and I’m so full of pride that I’m going to complete all the requirements the award entails though I’m not pressured in any way to that.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Hello, dear guest!

I hope you enjoy the stories you’ll find in my blog. They have been written either by me or my guests. Just scroll down, click on a title and have a nice time! Oh, don’t hesitate to post a comment.

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